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No Oklahoma City yard is complete without at least a few stunning trees. Here at TreeTech OKC, we offer a comprehensive slate of tree and plant services, including storm cleanup, tree pruning, and fertilization. With us on your side, your yard will look its best, and your trees will live a long life.

Our certified arborists are experts at assessing tree health, identifying potential hazards, and delivering sustainable solutions that preserve and enhance your landscaping. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call us at 405-252-0777.

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About TreeTech

Quality tree care is complex—often surprisingly so. Our goal is to take over where DIY just won’t do. TreeTech serves residential, commercial, municipal, and utility clients, delivering tree care and consulting services to the Oklahoma City Metroplex. Our certified arborists have over 40 years of combined experience and training in tree and vegetation care, and they are ready to put that knowledge to work for you.

While we are your expert team, your goals as a client drive our decisions. We take a collaborative approach, working with you to ensure our results align with your vision. Whether you need a single tree trimmed or large-scale right-of-way clearing for your business, we have the tools and the team needed to get the job done.

TreeTech Services

No matter what level of help you need, TreeTech offers the right service for you. Our comprehensive offerings make it easy to create custom service packages, ensuring you aren’t left paying for extras you don’t want. Whether you need a single service or ongoing regular tree care, in Oklahoma City, TreeTech is here for you.

Tree Care

Tree Pruning Oklahoma Icon

Tree Pruning

For young trees, pruning helps them develop a strong base and encourages a more attractive form. Additionally, regular care for young trees means they will require trimming less often once they reach maturity.

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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is designed to help mature trees and shrubs look better and continue to grow in a healthy manner. This enhances curb appeal, and for commercial clients, assists in branding and drawing in customers.

Cabling & Bracing Oklahoma

Cabling & Bracing

When trees are too weak to support their own weight, they need a little assistance. Cabling and bracing helps to support the upper crown or weak branches as needed, making them more likely to survive the severe storms Oklahoma is known for.

Tree Removal Oklahoma

Tree Removal

Whether a tree is just not in the right spot or it needs to go due to damage and disease, TreeTech is here to help. We handle full removal and cleanup, leaving your yard looking its best. We can also assist with planting a new tree in its place if desired.

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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of removing the remaining stump after tree removal. It can be ground to a shallow depth to allow for grass to grow, or deeper to assist in the planning of a new tree or shrub. If the stump was contaminated, we can help heal the ground and ensure better results in the future.

Plant Health Care

Tree Fertilization Oklahoma


Tree roots require healthy soil and oxygen, as well as proper nutrition, to thrive. We offer deep root fertilization, which delivers high-quality, nutrient-dense plant food right into the root zone of the trees. This enriches the soil and promotes a long and healthy life.

Root Collar Excavation &Vertical Mulching

Root Collar Excavation &
Vertical Mulching

Tree trimming is designed to help mature trees and shrubs look better and
continue to grow in a healthy manner. This enhances curb appeal, and for commercial clients, assists in branding and drawing in

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Insect & Disease Control

Insects and disease are serious threats to any plants, trees and shrubs included.
We work to minimize the presence of these pests and enact preventative
measures that stop future growth and expansion. We utilize methods that are effective without harming the rest of your outdoor

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TreeTech’s registered consulting arborists are highly trained and experienced plant experts. Able to work with trees of all shapes and sizes, they provide an objective approach to planning your outdoor spaces, prioritizing safety, health, and attractiveness as they work. They also provide appraisals, forensic investigation, and litigation support.



Emergency Service

In Oklahoma, we are no strangers to severe weather. Every year, storms take down hundreds, if not thousands, of trees in the Oklahoma City Metro Area. If your trees have been damaged in a storm and are at risk of harming your home or family, contact us. We can safely remove the tree and other debris and prevent harm to people, structures, and surrounding trees.

Emergency Tree Service Oklahoma City
Emergency Tree Service Oklahoma City
Emergency Tree Service Oklahoma City

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We are Oklahoma City’s tree and plant care experts. Guided by certified arborists with over 40 years of experience, we approach our work as both an art and a science. When you partner with TreeTech, you receive:

Emergency Tree Service Oklahoma City

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