Oklahoma City Tree Cabling & Bracing

Promoting tree growth.

When a tree’s central structure cannot support its growth, it puts people and buildings at risk. TreeTech delivers expert cabling and bracing support for trees in the Oklahoma City Metroplex. Our certified arborists prevent structural failure through the use of cables and bracing rods, holding your tree in place and giving the roots time to grow.

Improve Your Tree’s Structural Integrity

Risk mitigation

Light clearance

Better health

Lower density

Improved views and curb appeal

Better wildlife habitats

What Are Cabling & Bracing?

Cables and braces are structural supports that step in and do the job your tree is unable to, either due to insufficient root growth or a weak trunk. Cabling is done in the crown of a tree. Support cables run between weak branches and more sturdy ones, redistributing the weight while still allowing for natural movement. Bracing is done on the trunk, where steel support rods are placed inside cracks in the trunk to provide additional support and prevent the crack from deepening or the tree splitting completely.

Cabling & Bracing Benefits

Weak trees are not just unattractive; they are safety hazards. When a tree is at risk of collapse, everyone and everything in the vicinity is at risk. TreeTech’s certified arborists deliver cabling and bracing services that offer the following benefits.

Limited movement of compromised stems or branches

Reinforced cracks in stems and branches

Giving supplemental support to at-risk branches

Extending the life of the tree

Allowing time for healthier growth to take over

Why Hire an Expert Arborist?

Certified arborists are more than just landscapers; they are tree experts. Our arborists understand the needs of different types of trees and know how to safely perform their work. They see their work as both an art and a science and deliver comprehensive, high-quality solutions.

Signs Your Tree Needs Cabling & Bracing

In most cases, clients assume all their tree needs is trimming, when in truth, cabling or bracing is needed. To help you know what to expect, here are signs that cabling or bracing is required:

If you think your trees are in need of cabling or bracing, our arborists are here to help. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call us at 405-252-0777

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