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TreeTech’s staff helps Oklahoma home and business owners plan their landscaping and care for their beloved trees. We are authorities on trees of all shapes and sizes and aim to offer objective, comprehensive advice on your outdoor spaces. With over 40 years of combined experience, our team focuses on health and aesthetics, combine science and art for the best possible results.

Whether you are facing a complex tree problem or want to enhance a new development, we are happy to help. We also offer support with appraisals, forensic investigations, litigation, and more.

When Should You Hire a Consultant?

We think it’s always a good time to hire one of our consultants. However, it is most important when you are tackling a large or complicated project. Before you get started, we can assess existing trees for the health and hazard potential, move them or remove them as needed, and determine the ideal placement and varieties of new trees.

In addition to pre-construction consulting, our staff remains on board throughout the project to mitigate unforeseen issues and fine-tune their planning. Working with TreeTech consultants gives you peace of mind and keeps your project running smoothly.

Why Hire an Expert?

It can be tempting to turn over projects to landscapers rather than a tree service company. However, they focus almost exclusively on the appearance of outdoor spaces, not the function nor the potential hazards. Our consultants have the training and experience needed to see the bigger picture and plan accordingly.

Our Consulting Service

We tailor our consulting to the needs of your project. This ensures you get exactly what you need without paying for extras. Our range of consulting services includes:

Our staff are experts at assessing tree health, identifying potential hazards, and delivering sustainable solutions. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call us at 405-252-0777

Tree Services Consulting FAQs

Our goal is to mitigate any potential hazards relating to trees and their roots. This reduces your risk of being named in a lawsuit for something related to tree damage.

While this depends on our current schedule, we work to arrive as soon as possible, often within just a few hours in emergency situations.

Yes, we can provide as much documentation as you need for insurance or other purposes. We keep detailed field notes and can fill out whatever forms are helpful to you.

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