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Integrated pest management.

Trees provide shade and beauty to any outdoor space. However, they also give a home to diseases and insects. When disease and insects get out of control, they turn your beautiful tree into a potential hazard.

TreeTech’s insect and disease control team assesses the problem and then crafts solutions that address the current issue and mitigate future problems.

Why Insect and Disease Problems Develop

Just like humans, trees are at risk of getting sick. In fact, there are plenty of threats they face, including bacteria, fungus, and insects. Much as with us, the risk cannot be fully avoided. When the conditions are favorable and disease or insects make contact, problems occur. The key to preventing disease and insect infestations is to take preventative measures. And should problems still develop, seeking help early on.

Why Hire an Expert Arborist?

Insect infestation and tree diseases are not easy to treat. It often requires a fine-tuned assessment and treatment plan to get good results. Certified arborists are trained to diagnose tree conditions and craft tailored treatments that help preserve the life and integrity of trees.

Tree Pruning Essential for Healthy Tree TreeTech
Tree Pruning Essential for Healthy Tree TreeTech

Signs You Need Insect or Disease Control

In the earliest stages, there may be no obvious signs that something is wrong. However, as the infestation or disease progresses, you should be able to notice that something is wrong. Below are common signs that your tree’s health is declining.

Chewed leaves

Distorted leaves

Stippled or dull leaves

White spots on any part of the tree

Cotton-like masses

Holes in the bark

Black, sooty substance on the tree

Orange, yellow, black, or brown spots on your leaves

The TreeTech Approach

Our certified arborist will arrive on-site to evaluate the condition of your tree. They will note everything from the level of damage to what type of pest is at fault. If the problem is significant, we will use our specialized trunk injection to immediately mitigate the insect infestation or disease. 

Other parts of our treatment include:

Our treatment programs are customized to the needs of your tree and may be a single application or a series spread out over 3-12 months. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call us at 405-252-0777

Insect & Disease Control FAQs

Yes, any insect that creates holes in your trees will compromise their structural integrity.

Yes, assuming the damage is not so far gone that the tree must be removed. We will determine the correct course of action for your tree.

Absolutely. If your fruit tree has lots of fruit flies, it can prevent you from enjoying your tree to the fullest and might cause other health issues.

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