Oklahoma City Root Collar Excavation & Vertical Mulching

Creating a foundation for growth.

The root collar, or flare at the bottom of the tree trunk, should always be exposed. When it isn’t, the health of the tree suffers. Root collar excavation and vertical mulching help to expose the root collar and get the right nutrients to the tree.

Understanding Root Collar Excavation & Vertical Mulching

Root collar excavation and vertical mulching are complimentary tree services, and as such, typically performed together. However, they are two distinct treatments.

Root Collar Excavation

This treatment removes excess soil and mulch from the base of a tree to expose the root collar. It can also be used to view the roots, look for decay, and allow for easier delivery of nutrients. When the root collar is not exposed, the roots do not get sufficient oxygen. This encourages them to grow around the trunk, resulting in root suffocation.

Vertical Mulching

With this treatment, vertical holes are made in the soil where excess dirt has been added over the roots or where the soil has become compacted. The roots, freed from restriction, can grow into these new holes and better access the gases in the atmosphere.

Why Hire an Exper Arborist?

As you might imagine, root collar excavation and vertical mulching are not simple procedures. They require a fine-tuned approach and specialized equipment. Certified arborists understand the right techniques and how to map out perfect placement, ensuring the best possible results.

Signs You Need Root Collar Excavation or Vertical Mulching

Root collar disorders can be difficult to diagnose if you don’t have significant experience. However, catching problems early on is key to the best results. Some symptoms that could indicate a root collar problem include:

Our certified arborists will be able to assess the health of your tree and determine which treatments are best. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call us at 405-252-0777

Root Collar Excavation & Vertical Mulching FAQs

This is where the trunk meets the roots. If it is not properly exposed, the roots are unable to access the nutrients they need.

There are many causes, including poor potting at the nursery, over-mulching, and construction on your property.

Not necessarily. While they work well together, if the tree doesn’t require both services, just one can be performed.

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