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Ensuring the health of your trees.

Trees are beautiful on their own, but they look even better when they’re given the right help. TreeTech provides tree pruning services to Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. We tailor our approach to the type of tree and the overall look of your landscaping while ensuring the health of your young trees.

Let Your Trees Flourish

Tree Pruning Benefits

Tree pruning is designed to help young trees develop a strong structure that will sustain them as they grow and encourages them to take a desirable form. With the right approach, pruning results in strong mature trees that require minimal maintenance. Other benefits of tree pruning include:

Risk mitigation

Light clearance

Better health

Lower density

Improved views and curb appeal

Better wildlife habitats

Tree Pruning Services

Tree pruning typically consists of four separate services, which may or may not be rendered at the same time. These are:


Dead, dying, diseased, or poorly attached branches are eliminated.


Branches are strategically removed to improve light and air penetration in the crown.


Lower branches are removed to provide clearance.


The height spread of a tree is addressed by removing parts of branches.

Why Hire an Expert Arborist?

Certified arborists are genuine tree experts. They understand the unique needs of different varietals and have the training and equipment needed to do the job correctly and safely. More than just landscapers, they approach tree and shrub care as both an art and a science, transforming the look and longevity of your outdoor spaces.

Tree Pruning Essential for Healthy Tree TreeTech
Tree Pruning Essential for Healthy Tree TreeTech

Signs You Need Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is essential to any young tree, but it should not be done indiscriminately. Too much pruning can reduce growth, invite disease, and prevent the tree from ever reaching its true potential. Our certified arborists can assess the needs of your trees on an individual basis and deliver the proper care.

Generally speaking, you should consider pruning if your tree:

If you need tree pruning in the Oklahoma City area, turn to TreeTech. Call us at 405-252-0777 to schedule your service or consultation.

Tree Pruning FAQs

This will depend on the type of tree and your goals. Most trees in Oklahoma can be pruned at any time of year.

This will also vary based on the type of tree. In general, most young trees need to be pruned a minimum of once per year.

If you have a good understanding of tree health and growth and can stop yourself from the temptation of over-pruning, yes. However, we strongly suggest you leave this to the experts.

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