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There for you after the storm.

Trees bring significant benefits to the appearance of our outdoor spaces and the environment as a whole. However, when they are damaged, they turn into a liability. TreeTech understands that when trees are too damaged to recover, they have to go—and quickly. Our team can remove trees even where there is minimal room or utility lines are nearby.

Eliminate Tree Risks

Key Benefits of Tree Removal

The exact benefits of tree removal will depend on what motivates you to seek this service in the first place. For example, removing a tree that is blocking your view will have different benefits than eliminating one about to fall on your house. 

Some benefits you might experience include:

Protecting Your Property

Trees that are dying can collapse. Whether this is due to damage or disease, this puts your property, and the people on it, at risk.

Preserving Your Foundation

Tree roots can be a destructive force. When the roots reach your foundation, they can cause structural damage to your home.

Enhancing Your Curb Appeal

When a tree is unattractive or placed wrong, it can detract from the look of your home.

Freeing Up Space

If you need to add a shed, extend your garage, or put in a pool, tree removal can be essential to getting the space you need.

Why Hire an Exper Arborist?

Landscapers are plentiful in Oklahoma, so why should you choose a certified arborist instead? It comes down to how these tree experts approach their work. Their goal isn’t just to beautify your outdoor spaces, but to extend the life of your trees and protect your buildings. Combining art with science, they deliver stellar results that can transform any outdoor space.

Signs You Need Tree Removal

At TreeTech, we consider tree removal a last resort. Our certified arborists carefully examine all possible solutions before settling on removal as an option. While you likely cannot determine if removal is needed on your own, the following signs indicate it might be necessary:

After your tree is removed, our arborists will clean away remaining debris and, if desired, grind the stump. They will then consult with you on how you wish to utilize the space going forward and plant a new tree if desired.

Tree Removal FAQs

Yes, assuming the wood is healthy, we are happy to return it to you for firewood. For an additional fee, we can even cut and split it for you.

Yes, our team can tackle a tree removal job of any size and scope.

If a tree needs to be removed because it is a hazard, the ideal time is right now. However, if you need it removed for other reasons, any season when the ground isn’t frozen will do.

If you are interested in tree removal or need your trees assessed, call us at 405-252-0777

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