Yukon, OK Tree and Plant Services

Enhancing your Yukon home or business.

In Yukon, OK, homes and businesses just don’t feel complete without trees. From summer fun for the kids to improving shade in your parking lot, they’re essential.

As such, you want your trees to be healthy and look their best. TreeTech offers Yukon tree and plant services that are designed to extend their lives and improve their appearance. Guided by certified arborists, we tailor our expert services to your needs.

TreeTech Services in Yukon, OK

No matter how big or small the task is, TreeTech offers the tree services everyone in Yukon needs. Our comprehensive slate of services makes it easy for us to craft custom packages that deliver the help you require without paying for any extras.

Tree Care

Tree Pruning Oklahoma City

Tree Pruning in Yukon, OK

Young trees need a little extra care and guidance to develop a strong base and attractive form. Tree pruning helps these trees grow well and require less trimming once they reach maturity.

Tree Trimming in Edmond, OK

Tree Trimming in Yukon, OK

Tree trimming helps mature trees and shrubs look their best while avoiding potential hazards. Our Edmond tree trimming service enhances curb appeal for homes and businesses.

Cabling and BracingStump Grinding Oklahoma City

Cabling and Bracing in Yukon, OK

Sometimes, trees grow a little too fast for their natural supports to handle. Cabling and bracing lend artificial support while your tree grows stronger, making it more likely to survive those Edmond storms.

Tree Removal Oklahoma

Tree Removal in Yukon, OK

Our goal is to see every tree live a long and healthy life, but sometimes Edmond tree removal is needed. Whether you want to relocate the tree or it is too damaged to save, our team handles everything from removal to cleanup.

Stump Grinding Oklahoma City

Stump Grinding in Yukon, OK

If you’ve had a tree removed, the next step is to eliminate the stump. We use a specialized stump grinder that allows us to control the depth—shallow for replacement with grass and deeper for a new tree.

Plant Health Care

Deep Root Fertilization​ Oklahoma

Tree Fertilization in Yukon, OK

The roots are the lungs of trees. To thrive, oxygen and nutrients have to reach deep into the soil. Our Edmond deep root fertilization service delivers what trees need straight into the root zone.

Deep Root Fertilization​ Oklahoma

Root Collar Excavation & Vertical Mulching in Yukon, OK

Root collar excavation exposes the base of the tree, as well as some of the roots, for better health. Vertical mulching places holes in the soil to give roots more room to grow and exchange gases with the atmosphere.

Tree Removal Services Oklahoma

Insect & Disease Control in Yukon, OK

Insects and disease can devastate your trees and shrubs. We minimize pest presence, treat disease, and take measures to prevent future problems.

Oklahoma City Tree Services Consulting

Consulting in Yukon, OK

Our registered consulting arborists in Edmond are your tree and shrub experts. They work with trees of all kinds and provide objective guidance when planning projects of any scale or scope. Enjoy assistance that prioritizes safety, health, and attractiveness. They also provide appraisals, forensic investigation, and litigation support.

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